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Cosmic Censuses: exploiting large panchromatic surveys to understand extragalactic populations




Herschel Extragalactic Legacy Project annual workshop, exploring the key scientific questions that can be addressed by the Herschel surveys.

9th-13th October 2017

Bramber House Conference Centre

University of Sussex



Detailed Description

This workshop will explore the key scientific questions that can be addressed by these surveys.

  • The evolution of galaxy populations and their primary components (gas, stars, dust and active nuclei)
  • The influence of the internal and external environment on the evolution of the systems
  • Exotica (extreme starbursts, lensed galaxies, high-z radio galaxies)
  • Building the tools to handle (evolving) multiwavelength data (SED models, deconvolution & multi-wavelength catalogs)
  • Building the next generation panchromatic survey (larger area, new instruments)

The intention will be to have a meeting format that is conducive to discussion and practical interaction.

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